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Does not seem to auto update


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Can someone help please? I have EZTV as a RSS feed and have uTorrent to auto update that feed every 10mins.

Now the problem I seem to have is the links to torrents on the EZTV website do not match up with what is showing on uTorrent meaning not all that is on EZTV do not show in uTorrent. Oh I have just yesterday updater to v3.0.

It's starting to annoy me as I leave it open all day so I can pick & choose the programmes I want to download. I do this manually.

Also what I have noticed is when I select a torrent form outside uTorrent I get the box that asks if I want to open or save. OK what I do is click open and the old version of uTorrent would open a box with all the files within that torrent giving me the option of selecting what I want to download. Example most of the time I just select the avi or whatever file and leave all the other stuff or if for example I want just 1 episode of a show but the torrent has 12eps I use to be able to just pick what ones I wanted. NOW v3.0 just adds the torrent to the download window not giving me the option to select. Is there a way of me fixing this?

Many thanks.

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