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new utorrent 3.0 problem ! auto add


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i just want to say i was loving the old utorrent where it was giving

me information about everything, speed , seed users, E.T.C on the


New i have a problem , im downloading a torrent that has the size of 520 ( Gb )

and the whole size of my hard disk is 500 (Gb),,

The new utorrent 3 is auto adding the 520 (Gb) size torrent to the list

and i dont have enough memory to download it, the old utorrent was showing

me a table to select what i want to keep and that i want to drop.

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ive been having this problem too but ive worked it out


make sure these two are the same as in my pic

then when adding torrent dont click on it , open it by File> add torrent (choose save)

you will then get this


if you hit the arrow down you can then select to Dl whatever you want as per before

hope that helps :D

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