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I have a pretty wide throat at a minimum 7 cm wide yet I cannot get a meal to move faster that 50 or 60 cherries a second wtf?

Maybe I have no hands, and there are only 2 people who are putting cherries inside my mouth, and they can't put more than 30 cherries a second each. Or maybe my brother is on the other side of room who is throwing cherries into my throat and misses often. Or maybe I sit on my head upside down on the mountain inside snow with a nest on top and feeling angry, why I can't eat cherries faster. I have so big throat, so big, but can't eat faster wtf.

Hey, if to be serious, describe your problem, please. Is a port forwarded? Are there are many seeds? Did you test only on 1 torrent or on many? What logs tell? Do you have internet issues? Using your provided information, it is hard to help you. For now I can assume, that torrent you are downloading, has few seeds and they send you information slowly not because of your internet channel limitation, but because their clients send with such speed. Check download speed with popular torrents with many seeds (let's say 50).

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