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Speed issue


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Ok so I see there is like 50 of these on the front page and my story isn't very different.

Only I have some irregularities in my situation.

1st off yes I suddenly find my torrents lagging after years of no issues but heres the odd thing.

I tried to download a 4.5Gb file and for some reason my speed refuses to go above 8kb/s with 20 odd seeders yet when I grabbed a 700mb file from 15 or so seeders it ran at its usual 120kb/s (I have a very ghetto internet as I live rurally)

I thought ok, great its working again. Tried the 4.5Gb file and again it isnt going above single digits.

I did the ISP throttle test on that Glasnot site and got this spark of hope:

"There is no indication that your ISP rate limits downloads on port 6881 or 58798. In our tests, downloads on port 6881 achieved up to 939 Kbps while downloads on port 58798 achieved up to 940 Kbps."

I'm on BT and it says that I am subject to download limits at certain times of the day.

I was running the 700mb download at 3am while the 4.5gb downloads were during what you might call peak hours.

Point of me registering to make this post is:

with the above ports tagged as not subject to limiting what exactly do I do with that info?

I changed my port in utorrent to 6881 and got the same speeds =/


Worth mentioning that when I download on Steam or firefox the speeds still average at 120kb/s so it is purely my torrenting software.

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