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"Window that display the files inside the torrent" - Without function


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I updated to v3.0 and it seems like this function doesn't work anymore.

If you don't know what I'm talking about...


it's this window. If i enable the option "Show a windows that displays...." it doesn't show the window.


Like on all big new versions, i delete all the config files to get a clean, new configuration. BUT...

if I use my old config file from v2.x, everything works. I can even enable/disable it.

So... am i just to stupid or is there any other trick, like a switch in the advanced settings?

I found nothing so far and thats why i think it's a possible bug. I just don't get it...

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Ok my uTorrent started to fuck me.. Everytime I closed it from Tray it said can't save resume files... So I deleted all configs and started from begining...

But i become very angry cos' that windows was missing.

I spent 2 hours finding fix but no sucess..

I just wanted to reseed torrent but i can't set the root folder name.. so annoying!

I just started to think about my customers who will lost their minds because of that! I install 50+ PCs / month..

But to make all of you happy I registered here on forum just to tell you what i find out :=)

In upper right corner of uTorrent app is button called Toggle Torrent View - Click on that you'll get old list like in 2.0 version and surprise now your Add new torent is here :=)

Cmon support.. why we have to find out everything by ourself....:(

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Thanks in advance for registering to help.

And you are so right, such a simple solution and noone of the uTorrent pro's arround here gave a fuck.

The reason why i didn't found it by my self is simple as well. I don't need the Toolbar, so i disabled it.

Also... the helpfile says something about expert mode, not toggle View.

Unluckily I have no idea what can cause your problem.

If I want to reseed a torrent, I download it again and direct it to the folder which includes the downloaded files. Utorrent starts a check and the download/seed will resume.

But i have no clue why your part-files get damaged if you tray-close utorrent. :(

Even if I fake a crash and close utorrent via taskmanger, resuming works fine for me.

Maybe wrong Disk-cache settings?

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