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Utorrent Bandwidth hog?


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I've had this problem for 3 weeks I have tried everything I can think of to fix it...

Problem is when Utorrent is running everything slows down streaming music/videos (Youtube, internet radio, etc) even most websites don't even load properly. My speedtest is usually about 5 Mbit/s, and utorrent is only getting 100 KB/s... When I have port forwarding setup on my router (DIR-825) Utorrent says connection issues and is the yellow icon instead of green. I have to change the ports that utorrent uses in order to get it green. Then I had a problem with utorrent where when I would shut it down normally it would not close (even after 10-20 mins) The connections it was D/L with would still stay open, I would have to end the process in order to close connections. Then any torrents I added with magnet links would disapper. I've since completely removed the version of Utorrent I was using and installed latest version. And that problem is gone. But the bandwidth issues still remain.

I am on a old Bell grandfather plan and I know that they are throttling my connection. I ran glasnost test and it said:

Is your download traffic rate limited?

There is no indication that your ISP rate limits your downloads.

Which is weird because when my Utorrent was working it would get 400-500 KB/s download, and with the a throttle fix I found I would get 700-800 KB/s down.

Has anyone have any ideas?


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Did you manage to fix the problem? I am having the same issue. My new flatmate uses utorrent and whenever it is running I am left with incredibly slow internet. I can't stream BBC iplayer, youtube and other channels like I used to before. Even when utorrent is not downloading or uploading it ruins the connection on my laptop. It just has to be running in the task bar.

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