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Quick 'Thank Ya!' .... :)


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I just want to thank all developers of the various uTorrent versions for a fine product!

Anyone who asks which p2p application I prefer I tell them this is the ONLY utility to use. I've been doing that so long I really forget which others are available.

I've been using uTorrent since it "hit the shelves", so to speak. (Yep, I'm an old coot who built my own analog computer in the early 60s and have been involved with computers for work & play since before pc's were a glimmer in Carver Mead's visionary mind). But I sure am glad I keep the old versions, after giving the latest & greatest model a spin.

I presently use version 1.8 since it's the most stable on my old XP3 machine. [They're called "PERSONAL computers" for a reason; all of us have the thing set up the way we like and most times our rigs don't like bloated utilities hogging memory and other most precious resources]. I find the post 1.8 versions too bloated for my purposes.

After all these years I just wanted to log in to give a hearty 'Thank you!'.

Most Gratefully,


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