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Stop adding bloatware "features"


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Hi I would not like to see utorrent go the way of some other torrent clients.

The functionality that has been added over the last few releases has been completely useless for me. I do not need to find content within my torrent client. I do not need drag and drop send functionality, i do not need the ability to play files from within the torrent client. I will not use the ratings and comments tab and I think this was a bad idea. These "features" just make the software more bloated in my opinion and if the "features" continue to be added at this rate, I will have to find a new client because i won't be able to find my torrents amongst the mess of the "feature" rich UI.

Sorry for posting in two sections, mistake.

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You can hide all that stuff:

Right click on the tabs to hide whatever you want, including comments.

In the torrentlist, you can hide collumns like streaming and rating.

Press F8 to hide the find thing.

And if you go into the advanced settings you can hide the drag and drop thing by setting gui.show_dropzone to false, i did that myself.

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