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[My error, sorry. See suggestion] "Set download location" problems


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Edit: Apparently you should answer "no" when the File move target dialog comes up, and then do a manual rehash. Not very intuitive.

Suggestion: When changing download paths like this, shouldn't it be a good idea to make the dialog ask something like "File/files already exist, would you like to continue the download with or without a rehash? [button 1=Continue and rehash] [button 2=Continue without a rehash]]

Original post:

When the download drive have switched drive letter (removable drive), it's impossible to continue the download if there's not more free space available than the size of the download you want to continue with.

Example: I have a torrent download of six GB on my USB stick. All files are allocated. Free size is five GB. When trying to resume via "Set download location", the following info appear:

Dialog: "File move target [path of the first completed file] already exists. Overwrite?" [Yes]

Pop-up info: "There is not enough disk space to move [torrent name] to it's final destination."

For some reason utorrent doesn't check the data already there, but assumes a new download is started. Should be a quick fix.

Using 3.0 build 25422

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