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µTorrent 3.0.25422: Setup Guide not working


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I just did a fresh install of Vista x64 SP2 Ultimate with all the current updates as of 04July2011.

For this version 3, I found the same to be true. No matter what I tried, where I set the "Your upload speed" drop control, it always fails HTTP error 404, after it appears to be going through all the motions.

The other router / port test was OK 100% of the time. Bandwidth test?.... Not so much. Broken 100% of the time.

I even went to the "Mlab" site. I used their NDT and tested my connection. It displayed 2.3mb/s upload speed and 6.1mb/s download speed. Network latency 81msec round trip and Jitter 86msec.

I've been using uTorrent for years and never had this issue. I read all the "bad attitude" responses to others that brought this issue forward in other posts, and in spite of my extensive experience with this application, I couldn't get v3 to work. I'm guessing it's a x64 issue as it installs in Program Files (x86) where all the 32 bit apps go.

Uninstalling version 3 and going back to v2.2.1 build 25273 fixed the issue immediately. Whatever changed specifically in that subroutine of the speed test program got broken between these two versions.

I probably won't update again until I hear that this particular problem has been dealt with. Everything else works just fine. Up & Down speeds are OK, it's just the stupid test, (which I like to run every once in a while to check performance), that is broken.

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Agree with that v3 is far to work as flawlessly as v2.

I did downgrade y-day which resolved all the problems brought by version 3 including disk IO at low priority. Perhaps µTorrent3 was prematurely released final, there's still so many problems against v2.

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