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3.0 / 25440 / 32 bit / Windows : Torrent loads, but DB entries ...


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3.0 / 25440 / 32 bit / Windows :

Issues I have encountered, mostly non-fatal but weird.

-- Torrent loads, but DB entries for it are empty. THIS IS A STARTUP ISSUE, but is at least partly tied to (deleting or removing) torrents before restarting.

FIXES, known : Reloading torrents does fix the problem. However, the torrent with the empty database entries must be removed first!

FREQUENCY : About 1 file in ~20 is this happening, but can happen with as few as 4 torrents that dowload torrents that have multiple files contained in a directory structure.

Repeatable? Most torrents are from private trackers, but about 10 percent are from public ones. Other then that it is unclear if it is repeatable.

-- Mysterious torrent error messages from via Tray notification mechanism, but looking in the logging it is unclear as to the real origin.

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