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Torrent association Windows 7


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Right i have a problem where i have updated to the latest utorrent, and since then i cannot open .torrent files

(windows 7 x64)

When i download a .torrent file and save it to my desktop and then run it, windows asks me what program i will use to open my torrent with. Utorrent isnt under the standard selection, but when i browse the utorrent icon in my program folder it simply wont select it. I cant associate utorrent with .torrent files anymore!!

i have also tried associate .torrent within utorrent and it just refresh's my icons, and still the .torrent files are not associated with utorrent, even when trying to download a .torrent it still asks to open with and wont let me select utorrent

i have tried uninstalling utorrent and downloading an older release

still no luck

I would rate this as a high priority bug and needing fixed ASAP

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Found another fix, but this one is with regestry, so be sure you doing everything right, backup always. What's to the fix: the problem is probably with utorrent not correctly regestring in the Win7 64x, we're doing it manually. Open regedit (press win+r, than "regedit.exe" witout qoutes and enter) under, check if there's HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT->Applications->uTorrent.exe key present, if not create it and the following subkeys (shell->open->command). Than change the command default string value to the path of the application (the default is "C:\Program Files (x86)\uTorrent\uTorrent.exe"). After completing this steps you'll register uTorrent.exe in Windows registrey.

Next step is to register .torrent extension. Go to the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT and look for the .torrent key, there should be subkeys OpenWithList->uTorrent.exe, if not create them. On this step there's no values to be changed.

Finally reboot, everything should work fine.

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