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Can no longer seed downloaded files...


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Apologies for noob-ness. Please bear with me.

Recently re-organized MyDocuments and put each of my downloaded games into individual folders (as well as my .torrent files into its own folder) all within one main folder. I associated this main folder with the appropriate directories in "preferences" but now utorrent will not recognize the torrents or files. I've looked in the help section, faqs etc. but have not found the answer (perhaps because I am unsure of how to word my question.)

I've tried adding all the .torrents again, but then they start to download the files that are already there in the folder. In the process of adding all the torrents again, however, two of the torrents were recognized and are now seeding nicely.

What am I missing? Do I need to lump all torrents and downloads into one, solitary folder? Do I need to create new torrents for each file? I am very happy to seed all the things I have downloaded, and would not bother asking for help if I was going to be a jerk who didn't seed. So again, please be patient with me so that I can resolve this and begin again to seed.

Thanks for any advice or help.


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