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Remote Access Stuck at "Connecting"


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Please help:

I'm running uTorrent 3.0 on Win7 64-bit and remote access works fine.

I have a stand alone Win XP SP3 machine that I remote desktop to if I want to configure it. When trying to enable remote, I enter the username and password and it never gets past "Status: Connecting..."

There is no firewall enabled. Both machines are on the same network.

I searched but couldn't find any posts relating to my problem


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OK, I finally figured it out. I was using my router, .1, as my DNS (which is supposed to work) but with my linksys WRT54G router it doesn't work that well for some reason. I don't normally access the web with this stand alone machine so I forgot that I needed to put in some external DNS IPs. Using DNS servers outside my network made it work!! suuhweet!:)

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