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Advance QoS Setup. Gaming and Browsing whilst downloading?


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Hi all,

I have researched so much to find more information about using the Quality of Service Function of my new Wirelss Router/Modem: TP-Link TD-W8961ND

I think browsing through several forum posts along with a few cisco documents has given me a basic knowledge of how QOS works using DSCP or IPP technology, however for some reason I just cannot get the function working on my router.

I'm not sure if I am getting any settings wrong, or if its just broken router/firmware. I have been in touch with TP-Link support, but their support and knowledge so far has been limited.

Just to try and clear things up and to make sure my goals arent unrealistic (please correct me if they are)

1- I want to use QoS so everyone on my network can browse the internet, play games, watch youtube videos and place skype calls with no interruption.

2- I want to be able to run uTorrent with a low priority giving other traffic a high priority enabling me to use the internet uninterrupted without stopping my downloads.

My Settings:

For an example, I will use world of warcraft as my game I want to play as a high priority and uTorrent I want to take a low priority. Here are screenshots of world of warcraft running on Port 3724 and also screenshots of uTorrent which I have assigned port 61911 for outgoing connections and 44012 for incoming (listening connections).

Outgoing uTorrent port settings:




World of Warcraft Settings:


And here is a screenshot of my resource network monitor showing the ports listed for uTorrent and world of warcraft.


Is there anyone out there with an advance knowledge of QOS who can push me in the right direction when it comes to what each setting means on my router qos page and which ones need to be enabled for it to work and which ones dont?

For instance, how do i know when to define a port as a destination port, or a source port? What kind of values do I want to be assigning applications and which technology would work better? (Ipp or DSCP)

What is the best way to test if its working or not? So far im taking notice of the latency of world of warcraft in comparison. There is no difference if QoS is on or Off.

Many thanks for anyone who can conjure a reply! Since knowledge of using QoS online seems to be limited to only those using custom router firmware.

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