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A few issues with the new utorrent


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There are a few changes in uTorrent 3.0 that I really am not a fan of. I was wondering if these are just issues that I am having and why some of these were made.

1. If you arranged things by the status then usually it put all Seeding torrents on down below and are downloading torrents on the top. Now, it's still like that. But this time it's reversed - the ones which are most downloaded are on the top and least downloaded are on the bottom. Previously the bars kept getting bigger until they were 100%. If I am making any sense.

Tbh, this is not really a issue. Just something that I found odd and previously the bars kept getting bigger the more down you go until you reached the ones that are completed.

2. Now, this actually is an issue. When you pause a torrent it goes to the very end. Previously it just stopped where it was according to it's completion. I have a huge list of torrents and every time I pause something I need to scroll all the way down to restart it. I don't really see why.

3. No notifications for completed torrents. Before I had a little window pop up that said when something was completed. It isn't there anymore. :(


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