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RSS and file moving issues


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Ok so on my home sever I'm running the latest stable build of uTorrent on Windows 7 x64

I have uTorrent store downloading files into one folder "E:\Incomplete" and once it's done, it moves them into "E:\Downloads" and appends the torrent label as well. If I manually add torrents to uTorrent (usually over the WebUI) this process is completely fine and works as expected.

However, whenever it downloads a torrent from an RSS feed using the RSS Downloader, the torrent sits in my Incomplete folder and doesn't move whatsoever into the Downloads folder like it should. I have no idea why it does this; the torrents should be downloading into the default location (as I have set up) and then uTorrent should move them. It's very strange.

The torrents downloaded through RSS are always single files. This may be a reason why it's not moving them as I usually manually add multi-file torrents.

Any help would be much appreciated

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