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Moving "finished" and "store"


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This isn't quite the same problem as others I've been able to find here.

I have a very conventional installation of 3.0 25460, though I've been using an older version for a long time. I don't think this behavior is different.

I created an encapsulated installation by creating an empty settings.dat and starting from scratch. Since then I've accumulated a good-sized list of torrents, many of which have only part of the available items selected, and many of which have non-default download locations manually set individually

The "store" and "finished" folders are in a different area and I want to move them together with the rest of the installation. I moved them and changed the settings in the Directories area of Preferences. It appears, though, that those settings only apply to new torrents; when I started uTorrent I got a huge list of "Cannot load" errors. I ended up duplicating the store and finished folders in their old locations. There is no apparent way to tell uTorrent where an (apparently) missing torrent actually is. Once a torrent is in the list, the location of its torrent file seems to be set in concrete.

Deleting and reloading torrents puts everything back in its default state; individual item selections and non-default download locations are lost. That makes it unacceptable to use that method.

New torrents use the proper locations.

Is there a reasonable way to tell uTorrent to use the folders in the proper (new) locations for all torrents, not just new ones?

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