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Error: Can't open .torrent file


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You can fix this, but it's a real pain. You're going to have to edit resume.dat manually, fixing the paths to every .torrent file, and changing the number immediately before the start of each .torrent file path (the number corresponds with the length of the path).


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2006-10-19 17:14:47

1) I needed to eliminate an old folder, used to hold the .torrent files back when I started using the Client, and did what "Adm ultima" said (i.e., changed the Directory AND added the correct path number) to just ONE torrent, editing on the Notepad only, just to test it, but it turned out to be even worse, with more dozens of torrents missed by the Client, rather than the 46 I've had previously. Fortunately, I had a backup of all uTorrent files, as I use to do, then restored the "resume.dat" from backup and everything went back to normal.

But I really want some specifics on how to edit it properly, because otherwise I'll lose statistics on 46 torrents. It's just a preference of mine, to keep track of what I should Seed again or not, and as it's not a big deal to edit them, I'll like to give it a try.

Clearly it can't be done only editing the .torrent file on the Notepad, as I did, and I shall use an Metainfo, BEncode Editor. Being inexperienced on it, I'll just wait for the right guidance on the process.

2) As said Invy, at his 2006-10-19 22:21:25, same post above:

"I wish the coder would create an option to change the paths automatically. That would be cool :D"

I second that. Just take a look how needed is this feature, and by advanced users. It'll be relatively easier for the coder to make it a fixed feature in the Client, thus helping us all avoid a lot of trouble while editing it.

The way the Client is as of now, makes virtually impractical for anyone to change a Directory for the .torrent files after its initial usage, a change of which that's something very likely to happen to any user, as they progresses in their skills with the Torrent usage. The same way is impractical to leave a trail of used & useless old Client's folders, scattered across our HDDs. Users are getting better, we don't need those training wheels, anymore. ;)

Please, consider to add this much needed functionality to our preferred Client.

3) So, please, somebody experienced show us some steps for the safe Editing of the .torrent, and...

My best regards to the lot of you.

uTorrent Rules!


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