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utorrent and uTbackup support - backing up torretns and general error


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hi all,

recently i have formatted my computer and i didn't won't to lose all my torrents so i managed to tack down the AppData folder which incidentally on windows 7 (and presumably vista) is C:\Users\*\AppData\Roaming\uTorrent where * is the name of your PC and copied that to an external and I used UTbacup and it kinda worked but didn't save my progress any ideas??? BTW im using Utorrent 3.0 build number 25377. also with some torrents i also get some error messages :

no connection could be made -tracker status

error invalid download state

connection timed out -tracker status

scrape not supported- tracker status

also ive been unable to get updates for uttorent its not a connectivity problem as i can browse websites

any ideas. aslo i have recenly statrted to use uTbackup which when backing up/ restoring recent utb files causes me to have to reinsatll utorrent when i open it back up which then hangs also i get the message with certian utb files the file is invalid or currupt


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