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magnet link UI very awkward

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Typically I save the .torrent files into utorrent's "automatically load .torrents from" directory. They get picked up and processed within a few seconds.

Hearing about "magnet" links I decided to try them out. I found the interface awkward to use.

First off it causes utorrent to pop up from the task bar. Why? It is not like it tells me anything I need to know. It takes several minutes for it to get processing on the magnet link and I am not going to sit there watching it.

Second of all a HUGE balloon message pops up. My monitor is 1920 wide and it still won't fit. What is the deal with that? A small quick pop up might be nice. Something like Firefox's "download complete" but this thing takes over the screen and hangs around.

I hope these are just because the magnet processing is new and that they will be corrected in the next version.

P.S. I like the "moving" message that appears on the progress bar when the file is copied to the completed directory.

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