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Slow speed on Windows 7 but fast on Linux


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I'm having speed problem with uTorrent 3.0. First off let me clarify a couple of things that people will definitely ask:

1) uTorrent is allowed in my firewall

2) port-forward the router

3) IP is not static, but I've bind the router set the same IP address to relevant mac address, so I'm always getting the same IP address.

4) used the setup guide under "Options". The setup guide shows that everything is fine. Didn't change other settings

5) Use previous versions, still the same (have not tried 64bit alpha yet)

6) Tried Bittorrent client, no go

7) Green circle in the corner, fyi

8) Peerblock is disabled.

9) Tried googling and searching forums, following suggestions from those have no effect.

I've noticed that download speed on my windows 7 64-bit is relatively slow, at 60 kb/s to 200 kb/s, if I'm lucky. Now here's the the funny part; In Linux (Ubuntu), I'm using qBittorrent with the same settings as uTorrent and I'm getting 4 to 6 Mb/s download and 300kb/s upload. So, I can safely say there's nothing wrong with the router. I've tested on an Ubuntu 11.04 iso image download for both and it have good seeds (400+). Linux finishes the file within 10 minutes, Windows took forever (20 kb/s to 60 kb/s). Also, I'm getting 3 to 4 Mb/s in Windows for direct downloads and ftp.

Anyways, anything I can do to speed up the download speed? If I can get 6Mb/s in Ubuntu, I should be getting at around the same speed in windows as well.

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