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I created a torrent at my office and when I took the data home to....


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I created a torrent while at my office. (It's not for anything illegal). The torrent is quite large (46GB) so to save time I created the torrent since it has to scan everything while at the office. When I took the same data home (and the created torrent file) to do the actual seeding on my PC I loaded the torrent and it checked everything to 99.9% and won't go beyond there. The files that aren't being checked are 4 jpgs, and a text file. One of the jpegs is showing a half red/blue box so maybe that's where the hangup is?

I'm hoping that I can just take my external drive back to the office and start the torrent from there again and things will be fine. However if it won't, is there anyway that I can force the torrent to check the few little files that it's ignoring? If I go into the file viewer (within Utorrent) to the files that are in red,I can double click them and the corresponding file will launch OK so that tells me that the files are intact. uTorrent just seems to be ignoring them.

Any ideas?

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