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Any way to get unbanned and get along? :)


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Good grief, I have been trying to get unbanned and really am trying to be nice and turn over a new leaf. I am guessing they are currently banning me by multiple IP's (maybe MAC address as well?) and a few other ways. Cant we just get along? Cmon guys if it helps I am sorry I was critical. I forgive the "person" that treated me like a, well he wasnt very nice lets leave it at that. I feel there were two sides at fault but now it seems as though somone is trying very hard to not allow me back here and doesnt seem the least bit interested in a civil discussion where we can put this behind us. Isnt that what adults still do? We work through our differences and move on. So in closing, I hope we can all leave behind the hurtful things said and do what we can to make Utorrent an even better product and community! :D

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