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old features worth having. and few others


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i have always found these feature good and great. as these are one of the reasons i have been with utorrent for every long time.

1. Under Status when i click on it "seeding should be on top before showing downloading files and stop files (As it had on previous version.) and when stop a file it should go above seeding".

This feature is most like this.

2. should have the option to have the look of older version of utorrent.

3. in the details ; it should be info, Trackers, Files, Peers, pieces, speed and rating. and keep the on and off option :)

4. option to have drag box to drop outside like flash get has.

5. Inforce removal of torrents link from the file when it get completed. As i have found most of the time still there.

IS they a skins option to change all of utorrent outer layer as well?

Let me know, will try to use version 3 otherwise will go back to the old version.

thanks you for all your hardwork

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