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Sorting of RSS feed items


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Hi all.

I just upgraded to v3 and it's all very nice etc, except for one little niggle:

I use a lot of RSS feeds but not all of them are auto-download. I keep them sorted by "Added" (i.e. "the date the item was added to the RSS feed"). However if I load an entry that is a few places down the list, it immediately jumps to the top of the list, as the "Added" value now changes to "the date I added the torrent to uTorrent", unlike in v2.x where it remained in its position in the feed list.

Would it make sense to therefore have two different date values for RSS items, those being "Date added to feed" and "Date most recently loaded into uTorrent"? It just bugs me when list items that should remain sorted by one value instead jump around.

Thanks for any assistance.

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I agree with K.o.R. It is annoying for me also, that the added column changes when you download torrent. I used the "Added" column to see new items in all of my feed.

Please change to previous behavior or add a new column, which would mean publish date e.g. "Published"

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