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Utorrent stops downloading when i turn off tv


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Hi, as the title says i have my PC connected to my plasma TV through HDMI and whenever i turn off my TV while torrents are downloading when i turn the TV back on all torrents have stopped, turned purple, then give it a sec and it will turn blue and start downloading again.

I only noticed this happening within the last week, although i have been using my TV as a monitor for about 6 months.

I have turned off all the settings to do with hard disk turning off computer going to sleep. Torrents will download fine when the TV is on even if its changed to TV channels, but as soon as the TV goes off they stop, and it happens to every single torrent since i realised what was happening.

I also upgraded from the old version to the new 3.0 and it is still happening, and i also checked the box in uTorrent settings to prevent it from sleeping while there are active torrents.

Anyone have any ideas? Thanks

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