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Strange error pops up: invalid access to memory location


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Or something like that (I reset the language of µtorrent to english but the error message keeps popping up in my native language (hungarian).

What should I do?

I force re-checked the torrent data, rebooted the vaio, made sure to leave all the memory available, but I keep getting the error message, just right after I hit the donwload button, 2 secs lates it stops with the "invalid access to memory field" message.

It occours with only one torrent, the others are fine. I've already downloaded a whole lot of data in this torrent as well, big files, completed without any problem. But if I try to set another file in the torrent to download, i get the error message.

Thanks, any help is really appreciated!

Ps I didn't find anything about this in the FAQ/troubleshooting/help section

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