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Check torrent for Fake by hash before starting Download


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there's a site online where you can type or paste the hash of a torrent into it and it will tell you if the torrent is fake or not. There's been ALOT of fake torrents showing up lately ie the coralplayer torrents. it would be awesome if you could check the torrent the same way, but BEFORE the file starts and give a warning to the user that the hash didn't pass the fake check or something like that. That way if the user KNOWS that the file isn't fake, but for some reason the check shows it as fake, they can override it, but it still gives protection from files like that when some people don't realize the file they are trying to download is faked. (one thing i've noticed is that, even though there might not be any comments, there are thousands of seeders, yet when you download it, you only seem to be able to connect to 1 or 2 at most, and the transfer is slow, which seems to me to mean that whoever is doing this has found a way to fake the seeders/leechers numbers among other things). In any case, that would be an AWESOME addition, and I don't believe there is more than a few more lines of code. P.S. the site you can go to to check for fakes is http://fenopy.eu/fakefinder/ simply type or paste the hash code from the file you wish to download and it verifies it or says it's fake, for anyone who wants to check their torrents before uTorrent implements this feature. P.P.S i have the script from the site that it uses to verify the torrents, if you want it, i can send or paste here, either or, it isn't long at all.



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