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uTorrent and port forwarding using D-Link DSL-2740[R]


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Hi all,

I am a complete newbie to port-forwarding so rather than render my router unusable I used SimplePortForwarding. It generated a script executed to the port-forward page in the router set-up.

Everything was successful except when I hit the 'add' button I got the message: 'ERROR: FAIL TO UPDATE DUE TO... DUPLICATE PORT NUMBER !'

The private I.P. is

Is there any way around this? I would greatly appreciate any help.

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The best site to use when you need help with port forwarding is Portforward.com. Click that url and find your router under the dlink section (there doesn't seem to be any such DLink DSL-2740[R]), and then follow any generic guide, and forward the necessary information.

By the looks of it, you may already have your port forwarded (or it could be forwarded to a different IP). Most routers made in the early 2000's and later should support UPnP, so you may not even need to forward uTorrent's ports, unless it's complaining that you have to.

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Thanks v. much for the info very kind of you.

I really wanted to understand port-forwarding. as I hate being ignorant about a subject.

My router does indeed support UPnP, so if it is being forwarded by this method then all to the good.

Thanks again for your reply.

Oh, you want to go a little more indepth? Absolutely! That guide at portforward.com should get you on the right track. If you want to get into the nitty-gritty details of how port forwarding and NAT really works, you have the resources of the internet at your disposal :D

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