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Stop sign/exclamation point icon

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This icon not included in legend. I am running 1.0.3 on a MAC and am admittedly pretty clueless and new to torrents. The problem is this icon appearing on two torrents that have already completely downloaded. I dug in the forums and read somewhere to force start, when i did that the rather large torrent began downloading again- (so I stopped it) I already have the files and just wish to seed them. I have been put on a ratio watch in this "club" I originally got the torrents from- i think because they are not seeding properly? Any light shed is greatly appreciated.


it was actually FORCE RECHECK i hit, not force start

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I think you are having the same issue as me, I am running the latest build and this has been happening ever since I updated from the stable Mac version to the Beta (Beta > Stable even with the bug):

- Whenever a new torrent is added, it downloads fine but then complains with the red exclamation mark icon that the .torrent file cannot be found.

- Whenever I restart the uTorrent client, the same 'new' torrents, even if they were seeding successfully before restarting uTorrent, are exclamation mark'd again.

It complains it cannot find the .torrent file which is correct, it does not exist, however it does exist with .imported appended to the end of the file name, thus my fix is to rename the file to remove the .imported extension so it's just .torrent, and then re-check the torrent, and it will work again as desired.

Hopefully a small bug that can be cleared up easily :)

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