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Utorrent 3 and Screen Readers


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I've been a long time uTorrent user, beginning with version 1.7. It worked really well back then, it was fully accessible (Screen Readers are software for Blind people that convert what the screen's displaying into speech output). Then version 2 came out, which added some kind of search box... what ever it was, it usually gained keyboard focus by default, and you couldn't tab out of it. You had to use virtual mouse commands to click your way into the category tree.

Now version 3 is very difficult to use.

The list of downloading torrents is unreadable,


just says list item, which means it can't get at the contents.

Sadly uTorrent is not the only program that's "lite" but is sloly getting bloated, cluttered, and otherwise stuffed,with accessibility slowly being left behind.

I'd really appreciate if someone would actually look into this - sorry if I posted this in the wrong forum, it seemd appropriate since it's UI related. I'm not the only one that actually cares about this, pretty much every blind user uses uTorrent (used to anyway).

Thx for looking into this,


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