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Troubleshooting guide

Vika B

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This is a guide for troubleshooting issues with uTorrent on Mac. Read it carefully before posting your problem to see if the problem has a known solution or workarounds.

0. We are committed to make uTorrent Mac the best BitTorrent client for Mac OS

If you are having any troubles or issues that are not resolved by this FAQ, please drop us a line at mac@bittorrent.com OR post to the Forum.

1. The program doesn't start at all, downloads don’t start

Please make sure that you are using Mac OS 10.5 (Leopard) or higher!

(How to find out what you're running: use Apple menu "About This Mac". If the version shows 10.4.x (or lower), this version is not supported).

Are you using PPC? There are known problems with PPC version.

2. The program crashes

Crashdumps are being sent to us and we do look at them so we'll fix some of the crashes just using that information.

However, if you have exact steps when the crash most likely reproduces, you’ll help us a lot by sharing those steps with us at mac@bittorrent.com.

3. The program hangs (uses 100% CPU, uses too much CPU)

In such cases, in order to be able to fix the issue, we need either a reproducible case locally or µTorrent process samples created in the moment of hang (high CPU usage).

If you are willing to help us to make the product better, please collect a sample and share it with us!

To collect a sample, just open Activity Monitor, find µTorrent process there, click on it and press Sample Process button at the top of the window.

In case of high CPU usage, it is better to make several samples.

Please send the samples and brief steps that lead to the hang to us via email mac@bittorrent.com.

4. It takes a long time to quit

Yes, and it'll continue to take some time. There are tasks that need to be done to gracefully shutdown a BitTorrent client (save all data buffered in memory to disk, close connections with peers, tell the tracker we're exiting, save the preferences etc.). By their nature, those tasks take time to complete.

5. .torrent files get renamed to .torrent.imported

This happens to torrents put in the auto-import folder. By default it's not enabled so you must have enabled it yourself. You can disable auto-import or select a folder that is only used for that feature. See ‘Automatically load .torrents from’ option in Directories preferences.

6. Delete your settings might help

Some problems might go away if you delete the settings file (which will restore their default values). In terminal app, do:

rm ~/Library/Application\ Support/uTorrent/*dat*

rm ~/Library/Preferences/com.bittorrent.uTorrent.plist

This is especially important if you used leaked builds, which might have left incorrect settings.

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