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ver115: Pre-Allocate ALWAYS checks allocation for all files

Anime Janai

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VERSION: 1.1.5

BUG: Pre-allocate files option always checks allocation for all files in the torrent even if some files are set to "Do Not Download".

EXPECTED OPERATION: When performing the file allocation, it should use only those files that were designated for download. It should not include the file sizes from those files set to "Do Not Download".


(a) If the allocated file size for the entire torrent doesn't fit on the hard drive, users may, as with azureus, set "do not download" for most of the files so that the portion actually allocated will fit on the hard drive. The bug prevents this from occurring.

(B) Always allocating the entire size of the torrent means that partial downloads (where the user wants but several of the files in a torrent) will always consume the full amount of allocated space on the hard drive.


(a) If the bug is fixed, whenever the user changes the files that have "Do Not Download" status, another time-consuming file allocation check would be performed for all files that are less than max size.

(B) If the bug is fixed, whenever the user sets the global pre-allocate flag for torrents that were previously downloaded with "allocate as you get more Pieces", a time-consuming file allocation check would be performed for only those files that did not have the "Do Not Download" set. This means that if a file is later on set to "download", it will perform an allocation check. But if the global flag is then set to "allocate as you get Pieces", I am unclear as to what would be a desired function for that case.

© If this bug fix is implemented, the "Force Recheck" option would also need to be changed so that it only checks those files that are to be downloaded.

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Thanx, I see now I fell prey to a pre-conceived notion that "pre-allocate" here was done the same way as on my Azureus client.

Now, if only I could ditch my dear old Shadow client, but it has the sticky superseed mode where if you set superseed mode, no matter how many other seeders appear, you will remain in superseed mode.

That is particularly handy in seeding torrents that are suffering from hit-and-run users. They complete the torrent and thus are in seeding mode for like 30 seconds before they quit. That causes superseed mode to be turned off in Azureus. Sticky superseed mode in uTorrent would be very nice (to me anyways) as I frequently re-seed torrents and NEED a sticky superseed mode to compensate for others who are "seeders" but actually do not effectively seed due to rate capping.

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