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automatically unrar


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I am having some issues running an external command upon the completion of the download.

I can see the command in the utorrent server logs as being executed but it never actually executes on the system.


[root@nexus downloads]# cat /var/log/utorrent.log

[18:08:52] Using locale C

[18:08:52] total physical memory -1 max disk cache 33554432

[18:08:52] IPv6 is installed

[18:16:43] Executing: echo blah1 >> test.txt

[root@nexus downloads]# cat test.txt

[root@nexus downloads]#

I was trying to unrar the downloaded file automatically which was failing but I cant even run a simple command even as root.


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[18:16:43] Executing: echo blah1 >> test.txt

If you want to use shell stdout redirection, you need to run a shell. How about trying

bash -c "echo blah1 >> test.txt"

or something similar?

uTorrent Server runs a fork/exec on the command you choose. In the interest of being more flexible, it doesn't invoke a shell to run the command you specify, because you may not want to run a shell or you may want to choose your favorite shell. If you need a shell, go ahead and invoke one in the command.

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