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UDP limitations


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first of all i apologize if what i will post hereafter is total bullshit, i am by no means an expert in networking or torrent protocol and i'm looking forward to be corrected

i recently had a problem with my router, specifically - it was burning cpu like mad and my friend suggested(from looking at router's processes) that problem is amount of packets it has to deal with

indeed i have 3 utorrent clients on different computers at home and troubles were always connected to times when people were actively downloading something

so here is my question - is it possible to set the limit on number of UDP packets in utorrent and if not, would it be a good idea to do so? for instance in the context of bandwidth settings. e.g. 1Mb download limit / 1000packets/s limit

now i understand that for regular users this option in settings wouldn't tell much but i'm sure it would be possible to work out a meaningful values basing off of bandwidth limit but to allow more experienced users to play with it in cases as such of mine

best regards

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Probably have each person reduce the number of connections they allow and the rate at which they create new ones and half-opened ones.

I'm not sure how hard UDP traffic is on a stateful firewall, but you could also try disabling uTP. I would recommend playing with lowering total connections, new connection rates, and half-opened max, before testing disabling uTP.

My Netgear 3700 takes a crap with uTorrent also, when too many connections are going on. It doesn't seem to like UDP traffic or something, because even limited to below 256 max connections and below 3mb/s can make my router hang itself with packet loss when seeding too many torrents.

edit: Dear lord, I necro'd a thread. Sorry.

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