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is there a guide to advanced settings? :-/


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ALL settings, specifically those "warning do not modify" ones. I've been struggling and fighting with utorrent for months, trying all commonly suggested solutions and just getting endless combinations of "disk overload", or bizarre behavior (200kb/sec is too fast for it to write out data) at different times, on different clients. (tried everything from 2.0.4 up to the newest 3.1 just downloaded, and each one gives me different problems - none are misery free) Cache on cache off, big cache small cache no cache, no "common" settings seem to fix anything for very long on my 100mbit connection. Running slow the stock settings are fine - but as my name suggests i'm a heavy user, or at least I am at times, and I like to experiment, or take advantage of a 'freeleech' somewhere, and thats when the problems come in.

Rather than asking asking asking endless questions and hunting things down, it's quite possible if I had a simple in depth guide to what each and every setting does, I could figure out myself where the problem is. It's clear I have some kind of hard drive bottleneck - yet I never should, 120MB/sec drives should not be dragging their feet with total download ranges of 200kB/2mB/sec, when the connection can pull 11mB/sec.

I would rather do some experimentation on my own before posting a bunch more questions, and before applying random google advice suggesting modifying the 'do not modify' settings without knowing what exactly they do.

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