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Strange peer problem


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At the beginning I'd like to say Hi to everyone as it's my first post on this forum and ask for forgiveness to my stupid questions :)

The problem that bothers me is there is approx 30 peers while uTorrent connecting only to to of those. There is only one or two seeds who appears rare and periodically and they are slow, The torrent is old and RARE so i have no other choice. Torrens uses DHT, local peer detect, PEX and some open trackers. I downloaded already 60 % of torrent and wonder why peers who have 70%,90% etc do not share it with me as I see them since 3 days ago. Even if they sending, they do it with 0.6 -3 kB/s. The torrent is only one being download this time, uploading few other without problem. Even upload to those peers who don't share comes approx 100kB/s so i can see they are pretty fast.

I'm also wonder why by all the time i have one the same Chinese IP using Xunlei who has 0.0% downloaded and not downloading since approx 3 days, but still remains in my peer list.

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