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Last night I installed utorrent.exe from this website for my PC running Windows 7. Following this installation, utorent opened and my computer immediately restarted and came back with no antivirus (I use AVG) which usually loads up when the computer starts up, I also noted that I could not open any program other than Micorsoft Office, windows explorer, or internet explorer. I then cannot open an antivirus, spyware, or maleware program. My system protection was also shut off and I cannot access a system restore point. Many of the features from the control pannel I cannot access. I restarted my computer, but the problem persists. I tried uninstalling utorrent, but I could not even do that.

The only program I installed with utorrent.exe downloaded from this site. I did not download any torrents, I did not even use the program yet, although it did run once.

I have installed utorrent in the past with no complications on other computers with no problems, I am sure I got this download from utorrent.com. Any suggestions as to what happened and a possible fix would be greately appreciated!!!

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