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HI All, Im a bit of a noob with this but have read quite a few posts and vids on forwarding ports but still slow DL speeds so here goes:

1) I tried forwarding ports as instructed and tried adding utorrents in my BT homehub and changed the ports there and in Vuze to 50000 but didn't see any improvement, neither did it get worse so I went back to standard settings

2) I tried disabling the firewall completely - no change to DL speed.

3)For some reason I dont have the health queue, so no smileys showing at all and if I try to manually add the it the column doesn't even show as an option. I am sure I have the most recent version too -

Im on a MBP 2011 10.6.8 any help would be much appreciated and help in advance.

EDIT it would really help if someone can confirm how to do the portforwarding on the homehub to ensure im doing it correctly on that end.

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