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How do I setup a proxy for free?


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Hello everyone,

I have some questions about the near future proxy, so the government won't find out, and so all of my downloads can be fast? I learn really slow. I learn slower then others since I have a IQ slightly lower then normal. I'll ask the questions as I go. I hope it won't violate rules?

1.) I tried setting up a proxy for my first time, but the downloads wouldn't start. I am looking to do this all for free. Could someone please post all exact steps starting from scratch until I am finished setting this up, so I could have a working proxy including ports, IP addresses, and ect? I heard from someone in the future that people will start using more proxies?

2.) In order for this to work right, should I be using the latest uTorrent version?

3.) I know I don't want people to get a hold of torrent sites in the public such as in this thread, so could please PM me with alternative sites as to Kim dotcom? Or that wouldn't be a good idea?

I hope someone will reply to my thread with help on this.

Thank you!

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