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Router speed problem


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Hello guys, this is my first post here so please don't be too harsh :D

I'm having a problem for quite a while which is a bit annoying : i have a PC and i connect to the internet through a router. When i pull out the main internet cable from the router and insert it in the PC i get utorrent speeds up to 10.5mb/sec . Then, when i put the main internet cable back into the router (so other pc's in the house can have internet) , i still have speeds up to 10.5mb/sec. The weird problem is this....after a couple of days my download speed "resets" to a max cap of 2.3mb/sec (no matter how many peers,daytime, all pc's shut down etc). If i put the cable directly again, i'll have my normal speed (10mb/sec) back, and then for couple of days it will work fine . Then out from nowhere it goes back to 2.3mb/sec. I have no idea what to do (i have utorrent firewallexception, portforwarded, )

Thank you in advance

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