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moving torrents


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Just right click over the relevant torrents, and choose "Advanced..." -> "Set download location...".

Then you must choose the new directory where the files or the directory (if the torrent is downloading a directory containing some files) will reside. If your torrent is in C:\myTorrent\music\[whatever-your download]

You can choose D:\allTorrents\myMusic\lossless\[whatever-your download]

uTorrent will start automatically transfer all that files from current location to the new location, i.e. will do the work for you and kept downloads valid!

You have to do this for every torrent / download you want to transfer to the External disk ( D ).

Be carefull, you must be sure that everytime you connect the External disk, it will get the same drive letter, otherwise you will run in lots of troubles when start uTorrent... The torrents will become invalid, you have to redo the download place and have to recheck all. To help you keeping the same drive letter you can run some software to do this for you, and the only one I can remember for now is "Zentimo" (google for it).

Be well.

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