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Can't uninstall toolbar


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I'm running a fresh install of Win7 and decided to give uTorrent a try instead of Vuze.

I missed the button for not installing the toolbar and it installed. I have been trying to get it off my system for an hour now and it won't go away. Here are the steps I've taken.

1. Closed all browser windows and uninstalled the toolbar from the control panel.

Still there.

2. Downloaded the toolbar installation to try to reinstall/uninstall. Installation crashes.

3. Rebooted and tried again. Installation crashes.

4. Rebooted and tried again, installation crashes.

5. Reinstalled uTorrent from scratch along with toolbar. Rebooted. Uninstalled toolbar from control panel.

Still there.

6. Deleted everything from the registry, hdd, and anywhere else I could find that referenced uTorrent or the toolbar.

Still there.

7. Tried reinstalling uTorrent again. Reinstall won't work, it just brings up uTorrent (which I already deleted - I can't figure this out).

Still fucking there.

Could someone please help me get this damned thing off my computer? I'm using Chromium and the toolbar is blocking the top part of my webpages (it isn't autoadjusting the page, it's literally sitting on top of everything).

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