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rss feeds not displaying torrents.


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Hi, I just updated to build 26753 and I have a problem with the RSS feeds.

They only display the downloaded torrents.

So for instance if I add a new feed, it will display all the torrents from that feed.

If I then double click one and download it, all the other torrents disappear from that feed.

Also in the previous release I had a different bug (that may be fixed, I can't really tell because of this new one).

Whenever I downloaded a torrent from the rss feeds, it would move to the top of the list, because the data added would change to the current time, instead of using the time it was added to the rss feed.

BTW regarding the first problem, if I delete all the downloaded torrents, it again correctly displays all the torrents.

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Same here. Feeds are not refreshing.

If you add the same feed again with a slightly different URL (feed.example.com/rss.php?blah), the new feed will be correctly uptodate, but it will never show any new torrents after it's been added.

This effectively makes uTorrent unusable for me.

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Same problem as all above users. The latest version of utorrent does not properly display the RSS feeds. What it'll do is display all the current downloads from the feed and not show anything else from the feed. As far as I can tell, it'll still update the feed and the items I've set for auto-download are still happening. It's very annoying not knowing what else is available to grab from the feed.

Current utorrent version is 3.1.2 (build 26753).

Working solution is to downgrade as recommended by another user. Downgrading to build 26726 resolves the issue. You can get build 26726 here:


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