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cannot access v3.1.2.26753 when running


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I was downloading and utorrent said there was an update, would I like to install. So I said yes and the installation was succesful but then the problems started. This new version is driving me insane!!!!!!!!!!!

If it is active I cannot have anything else active or I will not be able to go back to utorrent to check the status or anything. Nothing to get it back open works. Nothing happens if I click on the icon down below. I am referring to the one on rightbottom of the screen for there is no indication on the startsheet.

I tried forcing the issue by simply starting a downloadprocess but then I read the following : it appears the torrentprogramme is already active but not responding. try closing it and start again.

But I can't close it or open it or anything!!!!!!!!!!!

The only thing that works is shutting down my computer (windows : programm utorrent is open, to shut down now press...) and restarting. But to do that everytime a download is complete....

Anyone any ideas wtf is wrong and how to fix this???

thanks already.

ps. my computer is running on XP. (so not windows7)

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