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Upload being weird, but download speed is low


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Hey there.

ive recently ran into problems with utorrent 3.0 on windows 7. for a good 2 months or so, i had been getting great speeds.My typical download speed was 2mb/s with an upload constantly at 80-90kB/s. With this in mind, my speed was never effected by leechers, or peak time. Which i found weird. But im not complaing.

This week my download speed has been shot down, my upload speed remains the same.

As a test, i tried to download a torrent that i had the 2mb/s speed with the 80kB/s upload previously.

my download speed never got past 400kB/s. and constantly fluctuated.

I have followed the speed guide and it brings me back to the same download speed (400kB/s max -non constant), except my upload won't go past 4-7kB/s. so i put my old settings back in place for now

Does anyone know why my upload speed would remain high and my download speed so low??? I will post other information

Things i have tried

-deleting torrent settings.dat, and setup following speed guide. (ended up having to use my old settings)

-updating to 3.0.1, doing this closed my ports, and i had to hard reset my router. went back to 3.0

-reinstalling utorrent

-deleted and created new firewall rules (windows firewall)

-upload cap was set to max at 90Kb/s, i have tried lowering it to the reccomended speed of 10-20kB/s and made no difference.

***NOTE*** when i was getting great speeds, i noticed that utorrent had 4 firewall rules in windows firewall. Now i only have 2, TCP and UDP. Would those other 2 missing rules, be the cause? if so would anyone know what they are??

I know some of my info is vague, but i will supply more if needed.


with the old settings still in place, i changed bandwidth allocation to high for one torrent, Its now downloading at 1.1mb/s and a 34kB/s upload,.....thats half of what my speed was before....peers im globally connected too i changed from 60 to 500 (500 cause that was the previous setting when it was stable at 2mb/s)

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I am having the same issues. This needs to be addressed and the speeds are just not what they used to be and no settings have changed. I used to get a constant 900kb/s download now I peak around 800kb/s and constantly drops down to 20kb/s. I also know its not my network being throttled cause I have run various network tests. Please bring back my old speeds.

UPDATE: I don't know if this helps by I noticed that changing bandwidth limitations does nothing. If I tell it to cap upload at 25kb/s it will still upload at 70-80kb/s same with download. Something is messed up.

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