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Moving finished downloaded files doesn't work


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My system includes one IDE drive and three SATA drives I boot into the IDE drive, mount one of the SATA drives into a directory on the IDE drive, and then mount the other 2 SATA drives into a directory under THAT directory -- I mount the first SATA under /samba.ok. I mount the second SATA under /samba.ok/video and the third SATA drive under /samba.ok/extra. utorrent was perfectly happy with this system.

I cloned the IDE drive and mounted everything in a new motherboard, case, etc.

I used to have in preferences-directories

Put new downloads in: /samba.ok

Move completed downloads to: /samba.ok/finished

This doesn't work even though all directories and subdirectories exist. I can change the 'put new downloads in' to anything I want, but I can't change the 'Move completed' directory to anything at all. If I uncheck the 'move completed downloads' I get an error when I load a torrent file.

The error is simply 'Error??'

If I put new downloads in /samba.ok and move completed downloads to / , that works. BUT it moves the download over to the IDE drive, where I don't want it -- it's a small drive and I want this system to work unattended.

All permissions are set to allow everybody to do anything to everybody else.

It USED to work. Now it doesn't.

How do I move downloaded files to a CHOSEN drive/subdirectory?

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