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Identities Scrambling


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Today, I was reading the nytimes, while i stumbled upon an article on the Hadopi law in France, and its supposed success in fighting the free file sharing community. The more I read on, the more I got the impression that it was the success of a "we're watching you" threat rather than the otherwise stated "educational efforts".

Nonetheless I went on reading to the point were it says that a teacher was accused of piracy, and than relieved of charge, after an interview in which he stated that "someone had pirated his log-on to a nationwide Wi-Fi network".

If that was enough to drop the charge, I had this Idea:

the download software, e.g. torrentclient, could be given with a supplementary software/protocol that scrambles with identities. This particular piece of software should warn you that your "credentials", whatever they are(mac-address, session log on.. i really don't know this technical part), will be borrowed to other users, while in exchange you'll be able to borrow theirs. The concept is that if mr X want to download a file, he will get a part as if mrY actually downloaded it, and another part as if mrZ got it. In a way to make impossible to demonstrate that mrX have actually downloaded the whole file.

As far as i know it's legal to give someone else the right to use our credentials, in my country it's called in a way that will translate in "warrant" or "Authorised Representative" I think. It becomes illegal obviously if it's used for illegal purpose. But here the concept is to fragment a single action that is now considered illegal, into a sum of actions that are not.

This thing is alone scary... i can exchange data with my peers, but if that data is correspondent to something "copyrighted" i will be fined, or worse. It's like saying that i can chat with someone, but if what we say match a dialog copyrighted somewhere, we are pirates! But that is a different discussion indeed.

Is my idea feasible? Has already been done? I don't have the tech preparation to know if i am saying something totally stupid, and i found it totally possible. In that case, just le me know, please. If instead it's a good idea, feel free to implement it, or make people who can realise it know, no copyright here. Change it, Evolve it, make it your own, and post it were it would make more sense. I just think that we must put the most of our effort to make the world a better place, and to let knowledge spread free.


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