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Help in moving downloaded files to specific folders


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i have just built my HTPC and as a part of the build set-up, i would like utorrent to download content and move the download files, to the representative folders.

i know that you can set-up utorrent to move the completed files from one folder/directory to another. i already do that on my mac set up. but what i would like to do, is for utorrent to move specific files to specific directory/folders.

i download a lot of TV programs. so to have them all in one directory is a mess. so i categorise them in their TV series Name and Season folders. as most of do.

so basically, can i set-up utorrent to do the following?

when downloading, utorrent to download to e:....temp download.

when finished downloading files, utorrent to move completed .avi files to specific folders eg. f:....TV/House/Season 3/, then another file to f;....TV/CSI/Season 9/, then another file to f:....TV/Top Gear/Season 18/ etc.

the main reason for me wanting this set-up, is so that when i finally finish setting up my HTPC, i'll have the HTPC directly boot into MediaPortal and bypass the the main windows screen. so for the downloaded files to work in MediaPortal, the files must be in the correct directory. this will also keep the files in a neat order and not a mess.

thanks in advance for any advice.

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